for safe transport


In wine were found about nine hundred volatile aroma components that give it a special flavor and aroma, characteristics that escape chemical analysis, but that can be seized only by a palate and a smell and able to detect finer distinctions. Losing all this because of an inadequate packaging would be a crime.

The packaging ICSS has been conceived in order to preserve the integrity not only of the glass bottles, but also the smell, the taste, the color, the texture of each precious liquid contained in them, wine or oil that is. ICSS has developed a box that can hold up to 6 bottles (64 to 92 mm in diameter) that ensures total protection through thermal insulation, the total elimination of the impact of light, vibration, blows and abuse as well as odors.

The case also is anonymous and betrays the content, while indicating its fragility. It puts the most precious wines safe, protected from theft or tampering. This product can be customized with marks or stickers on request. Once at their destination, the packaging can be reused by the recipient as a pantry, thermal packaging for picnics or storage.


The case of six bottles for wine is a lightweight case, but at the same time robust and versatile interior with modifiable to accommodate bottles perfectly even in very different between them (see photo).

Thanks to a special interlocking, the bottles are perfectly locked inside the box in order to avoid possible oscillations during transport. The AIRPOP addition of graphite or carbon black, then, represents an insurmountable barrier to changes of external temperature for the transported liquid.

The case can still be made AIRPOP traditional white.

Botty - Polystyrene wine packaging of 1 - 12 bottles

Polystyrene packaging with lid; adapts to different bottle sizes. Born with a 12 bottle format, but can be broken down: from the single bottle to 2, 3, 6, etc., just cut it with a cutter or hot wire. The holes have a diameter of 10 cm and a maximum depth of 32 cm and adapt to a wide variety of bottles.

It is designed for shipments but can also be used as a "wine cellar" to store bottles in a horizontal position and protect them from sudden changes in temperature and light. Ensures perfect protection of the contents thanks to the housings that prevent the movement of the product.

The characteristics of the material, combined with the thickness of the container, are able to absorb and absorb the accidental impacts that could occur during transport and shipping, avoiding damage to the transported product. The packaging also ensures perfect protection against thermal shocks and the maintenance of the organoleptic properties of the contents.