Natty - polystyrene Christmas tree

made of 98% air

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Modular, Customizable, Three-Dimensional: here is the Natty, the ICSS Christmas tree made from 98% air.

The alternative to classic artificial firs. NatTy is a polystyrene tree, light and easy to use, adored by children and adults.

Ideal solution for exhibitions, shop and shop windows, set-ups for parties, weddings and shows, decorations at home, in squares, in schools and much more according to imagination and creativity.

170 cm tall, with a reduced number of parts, very easy to assemble and disassemble, it is easily preserved and then reused the following Christmas.

NatTy can be used in relatively small spaces such as exhibition areas and shops but it is also perfect for shopping mall galleries, clubs, restaurants, parties and shows.

Available in white and colored version (green, light blue, olive green, pink, two-tone, silver). It can be used as is or customized, it can be decorated with different techniques, even mixed.

It can also be illuminated by inserting lights in the shaft. For the rest there is no limit to the imagination, which is why its target audience is so broad. The only precaution is to use water colors and vinyl glues only.

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