Life EPS-SURE project

Avviato nel 2017

Paolo Garbagna , CEO of the ICSS Group, Vice-President of AIPE (Italian Polystyrene Expanse Association) and Vice-President Eumeps (European Association of Expanded Polystyrene) represents Italy in the Life EPS-SURE.

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Quality oriented

ICSS SpA is a family company founded in 1969

for the purpose of producing and marketing articles made of expanded polystyrene and corrugated cardboard mainly intended for the packaging (food and non food) and construction markets.

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Cantine Giorgi ed ICSS

for Gerry Scotti

A meeting of excellence in Pavia that gives rise to an extraordinary wine, elegantly protected by a unique package.

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Desair e-Commerce

To always be in touch with our customers.

Through Desair e-Commerce we offer the opportunity to be always reachable from wherever you are, with a few simple clicks.

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Quality management system

Certifies that the ICSS group meets the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard

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