The ICSS Group is aware that every actor present in the manufacturing market, from the largest to the smallest, contributes to building our future, guaranteeing security to its employees and preserving the Earth for future generations. We therefore want to show that our commitment to the issues of the environment, safety and health is concrete and in the direction of a continuous, significant and tangible improvement. First of all ICSS wants to protect and promote the health and safety of employees and visitors of plants / offices through the identification of risks, prevention and communication, ensuring the necessary preparation to handle emergency situations.

In addition ICSS operates a continuous reduction of possible contaminants and pollutants emitted (in air and water) and aims to reduce the amount of waste generated by operating the separation and - where possible - recycling its product and that sold to customers (the Customer can report their waste - not polluted by other substances - and ICSS agrees to recycle them for free). Icss has identified its suppliers among the best companies on the market for attention to the environment and periodically analyzes the areas on which to improve the safety performance and the reduction of pollution, starting from the design of the process, the choice of raw materials, design of finished products up to production and maintenance. The design service that the ICSS Group offers its Customers is always oriented to the least possible use of packaging material to guarantee maximum cost-effectiveness and recyclability of the finished product.

This is why ICSS aims to constantly protect the health, safety and environmental prevention of the product, from the initial concept to the design, production, sale, distribution, use and disposal, giving its customers information on how to handle and store the product safely and ensure that customers themselves adopt appropriate standards for product design and reuse.

With the extension of the production activity, the renewal of the range and the qualification of its facilities, our company now proposes itself to the market with an even more significant presence. To summarize this phase of particular dynamism we have adopted a new institutional image and revisited our logo, under which we can read the renewed corporate mission.