Oriented towards efficiency and quality

ICSS SpA is a family business founded in 1969 to produce and market items made from polystyrene and corrugated mainly for packaging market (food and non food) and construction.

Today, with five sites located in strategic locations (four in Europe and one in the south-west Turkey Middle Eastern), the ICSS SpA of Gropello Cairoli is the seat of the Group, a constellation of companies managed centrally, belonging to the same property. The formula for success in more than 45 years of business is as simple as inimitable: maximum production efficiency and orientation manic at reducing unnecessary costs.

A constant effort that results in the central management of all major services such as procurement, sales and accounting, eliminating duplication of functions, in geographical location targeted to cancel transportation costs, in uniform procedures in all production sites and sharing of technical excellence in the headquarters: a streamlined manufacturing costs reduced by allowing ICSS to offer its customers competitive prices.

Finally, the real distinctive competence Group ICSS is represented by the formula of the shop-in-shop, namely the creation of the production departments directly within the establishments of the largest consumers. Introduced as innovation at the end of the nineties, the shop-in-shop ICSS has become synonymous with flexibility, competitiveness, reliability and significant savings for the major OEM: a successful formula specification of our Group that the market recognizes us for years.

The advantages of the ICSS service

    With our experienced technicians, packaging ICSS are designed with the customer in order to minimize both the production cost is transportation, without ever losing sight of the ergonomics required in the assembly line. The study of the packaging is free.
    Stock in 15,000 sqm warehouse of finished product. Receiving orders also continued in service through EDI. Availability 24h on 24. Summer closure, shipping guaranteed 365 days. Comarkership with customers. Self-certification of industrial samples.
    Osmosis plant for water purification. Extensive use of AIRPOP low in pentane to limit air pollution. Recycling AIRPOP. Paper recycling and waste separation.
    Production cycle 24 hours 24. Production System to ISO 9001 packaging system according to ISO 9001 labels with bar code used by the customer. Line die cutting with AUTOPLATEN Doubling of all utilities and strategic machinery to avoid production stops. Wide range of printing machines optimized on the extent of the product to be printed.

Voluntary pledge of the European EPS Association

The ICSS group is part of the European EPS producers (EUMEPS) that are looking for the expanded polystyrene industry in Europe.

Through the entire supply chain, from the producer of raw materials to the converter, producer and recycler, ICSS is committed to ensuring that the beneficial properties of the material are exploited throughout its life cycle.

View the EUMSPS voluntary pledge of ICSS

ICSS Business Values

  • Central importance of the individual, his/her dignity and physical safety
  • Spirit of Winning
  • Innovation and quality
  • Respect for and safeguarding of the environment
  • Team Work
  • Integrity
  • Respect for workers’ rights
  • Permanent training