Cantine Giorgi ed Icss per Gerry Scotti

Cantine Giorgi and Icss
for Gerry Scotti

A meeting of excellence in Pavia that gives rise to an extraordinary wine, elegantly protected by a unique package.

We are talking about PlatTy, the bottle holder that becomes a tray, specifically created to enhance its precious content with refined elegance, in this case it is intended to protect and enhance a line of wines, signed by Gerry Scotti, produced specifically by the Giorgi winery, prestigious reality of the Oltrepo Pavese.

PlatTy, for the occasion is proposed by ICSS in a sophisticated black color that lends itself to be customized by brands and writings.

On the occasion of the last Vinitaly, the curiosity of many was tickled by the presentation of the wine line, signed by Gerry Scotti and specially produced by the Giorgi winery, the well-known and prestigious reality of Oltrepo Pavese.

The accidental contact between Gerry Scotti and Fabiano Giorgi, countrymen as well as ICSS, led to the creation of a project that links the memory to the passion of the famous television host for wine making, born since childhood thanks to the grandfather winemaker. The brand of the line sinks, in fact, its roots between Gerry's autobiographical anecdotes and his childhood memories.

As anticipated at Vinitaly, the original line initially formed by three wines, has been enriched in these days by the release of a brut sparkling wine, which Icss Group had the pleasure to represent with PlatTy, the bottle holder that becomes a tray, dedicated to this extraordinary bottle of Cantina Giorgi. In this case, the brand of the Giorgi winery, embellishes the packaging and is in turn enhanced by the originality of this wine box.

You too, for your bottles, do not choose the usual disposable box, prefer PlatTy, an authentic piece of design signed by the Mexican designer Jorge Najera.