insulation coats

Insulation Coats

It is fixed to joint without any need to seal the joints

VENTEGO® is an under-tile suitable for all types of tiles and tiles that are easy and stable placement on special metal profile. VENTEGO® has been created for all pitched roofs, with any type of support structure, to ensure thermal insulation only, a second waterproofing combined with an under-tile ventilation that prevents the stagnation of humidity within the coverage.

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insulation panels

Insulation Panels

The "coat", more precisely referred to as "thermal insulation from the outside, to the vertical walls, with thin plaster on insulation" is the system most widely used today in Europe for the insulation of buildings, civil, industrial, service, new or existing.

The system to "coat" is an inseparable whole consisting of different elements, but between their com-compatible and synergistic: Insulating plates EPS polystyrene (also known as polystyrene) sintered, flame retardant, size 1000x500 mm, with thicknesses depending on the need, squared with a sharp edge, quality controlled and certified according to current standards UNI EN 13499.

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heating panels

Heating Panels

The principle of the radiant panel is based on the circulation of hot water at low temperature (typically between 30 and 35 ° C) in a closed circuit, which is spread over an area radiating very high.

In the simplest version, the most widespread and most effective, the system is realized by inserting the polystyrene foam above the load-bearing slab of the floor. Above the insulator are laid pipes or electric heating conductors, which are embedded completely in the support layer (the "screed"), generally consisting of concrete. Finally, it covers the screed with the final coating: usually tiles, but also hardwood, linoleum, carpet, etc.

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ICF Insulated concrete form

Styrofoam blocks (otherwise known as ICF) have existed for 50 years, but up until 10 years ago they were virtually unknown all over the world. Today they have a market share in North America above 6% and now this type of construction is making its rapid advance also in Europe.

Insulated concrete form or ICF is the name of the construction technology consisting of insulating formworks or formworks made of expanded polystyrene made to build reinforced concrete walls.

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